Refereed publications of BASS project

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I Spectral measurements, derived quantities, and AGN demographics Koss et al. (2017) ADS arXiv
II X-ray emission and high-ionization optical emission lines Berney et al. (2015) ADS arXiv
III An observed link between AGN Eddington ratio and narrow-emission-line ratios Oh et al. (2017) ADS arXiv
IV Near-Infrared coronal lines, hidden broad lines, and correlation with hard X-ray emission Lamperti et al. (2017) ADS arXiv
V X-ray properties of the Swift/BAT 70-month AGN catalog Ricci et al. (2017) ADS arXiv
VI The ΓX-L/LEdd relation Trakhtenbrot et al. (2017) ADS arXiv
VII The close environments of accreting massive black holes are shaped by radiative feedback Ricci et al. (2017) Nature arXiv
VIII Type 1 AGN with massive absorbing columns Shimizu et al. (2018) ADS arXiv
IX The clustering environments of an unbiased sample of local AGN Powell et al. (2018) ADS arXiv
X The 105-month Swift-BAT all-sky hard X-ray survey Oh et al. (2018) ADS arXiv
XI The covering factor of dust and gas in Swift/BAT Active Galactic Nuclei Ichikawa et al. (2019) ADS arXiv
XII The relation between coronal properties of active galactic nuclei and the Eddington ratio Ricci et al. (2018) ADS arXiv
XIII The nature of the most luminous obscured AGN in the low-redshift universe Bär et al. (2019) ADS arXiv
XIV A population of luminous accreting black holes with hidden mergers Koss et al. (2018) Nature arXiv
XV The high frequency radio cores of ultra-hard X-ray selected AGN Smith et al. (2020) ADS arXiv
XVI General physical characteristics of BAT blazars Paliya et al. (2019) ADS arXiv
XVII The parsec-scale jet properties of the ultra hard X-ray selected local AGN Baek et al. (2019) ADS arXiv
XVIII Searching for supermassive black hole binaries in X-rays Liu et al. (2020) ADS arXiv
XIX Type 1 versus type 2 AGN dichotomy from the point of view of ionized outflows Rojas et al. (2020) ADS arXiv
XX Molecular gas in nearby hard X-ray selected AGN Koss et al. (2021) ADS arXiv
XXII DR2: Broad-line based black hole mass estimates and biases from obscuration Mejía-Restrepo et al. (submitted)
XXIII A new mid-infrared diagnostic for absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei Pfeifle et al. (in press) arXiv
XXIV DR2: Spectroscopic line measurements and AGN demographics Oh et al. (in prep.)
XXV Near-IR high-ionization and hidden broad lines in AGN den Brok et al. (submitted)
XXVII Scattered X-ray radiation in obscured Active Galactic Nuclei Gupta et al. (2021) ADS arXiv